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Now Walk, follow me to the track, do not try to hang back or you will be whipped." They followed the guard out.

In the afternoon Master Kim appeared he collared John and led him out then to another building where guards placed him on a table chaining him down so that he couldn't move, another man instantly cut into his breasts, he screamed his agony. " "100JJJJ, I want them all to be very big, excellent punch-bags also good for Tit-fucky." John watched in horrified fascination as the man who was obviously a doctor pushed the implants up into him and stitched them in place, he also added rings in John's nose, ears, nipples and stem. When they freed John from the table Master Kim handed him to a guard.

t might not be as popular as foot or smoking but a nail fetish is still very common.

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They were led out to the tracks, john watched as a line of slaves passed their breasts bouncing with each step, he wondered if that would happen to him and new it was foolish question, as it probably would.

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"Take him back show him to the slaves, then bring them here one at a time to have the same done to them." The slaves stared horrified when they saw John, the guards fastened him to the wall and started to milk his stem.

One by one they were taken out and brought back with newly implanted breasts in the case of the men or in the case of the women merely enlarged to what the slavers laughingly called punch-bags.

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