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The set-up configuration for many web browsers is not secure by default.

UCSC's IT Security Team recommends the following steps to help make your web browser more secure.

While there's no shortage of unusual stories of couples finding love on Linked In and Linked In dating apps, don't be fooled. Here are four key reasons why this strategy should be avoided at all costs.

Unlike a dating website or app like Match or Tinder, people are not signing up for Linked In for dating purposes, thus any dating propositions via the platform is unwanted sexual harassment.

I think this is quite remarkable since in today online environment all intimate and confidential aspects of human existence are neglected.

Don't download files, programs or tools unless you are positive they are safe. Check the “Remember passwords…” & “Use a master password” boxes.

Eugene Spafford in his latest post talks about My Black Book, an unusual web service whose mission is “to provide people with a place to store their sexual history, partners, and experiences in a safe, secure and confidential place”.

This New York based venture moved from the assumption that “one out of three people have some kind of sex log” mostly kept on paper.

I would be more than happy to discuss with John the approach used by Clipperz online password manager to the creation of really secure digital vaults where users can get the service without trusting the service provider. Spafford opinion and lower his distrust toward online storage services.

My bottom line: don’t store things remotely online, even in “secure” storage, unless you wouldn’t mind that they get published in a blog somewhere — or worse.

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