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A: Don't put your contact info on the Playstation Network!

Q: What is Al Qaida now learning after Osama Bin Laden's death?

A kid walks into Game complaining about a red ring caused by playing the Sony PS3; the sales assistant said "Don't you mean the Xbox 360 son?

" "No I mean the PS3" the boy said and went on "There's a dirty old man on my estate who enticed me in his house to play on his PS3, now my arse is killing me." A Wii and a X360 walk into a new Restaurant owned by PS3. Consider yourself fortunate to have your money accepted at PS3 Restaurant.

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- 28 August 2010) was Chris's original "life upgrade".

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But there are tools to mute, block and report players, and Blizzard can only do something about someone when that someone has been flagged for being bad. Razy admitted to letting most things slide and only reporting a handful of people.

But what if the slipper were on the other foot and it were actually kids being targeted and pushed around - and simply for sounding young?

"The first time I ever felt 'harassed' was when I made a simple callout about someone switching to a hitscan DPS so that we could help counter a Pharah, and the person got so mad at me they said they would track me down and kill me."That's a 13-year-old Overwatch player called Razy, talking to me in an email."Recently I have been feeling as if I show any emotion (happy or even confusion) people get mad at me as if I did something to them."He's been on the receiving end of adults throwing their weight around, and it was one incident after another that pushed him into appealing to the 610,000 subscriber-strong Overwatch subreddit - and causing quite a stir when he did. My Thoughts," he wrote:"People are constantly yelling at mainly me and my friend for we have squeaky voices.

The stereotype is that kids are raucous in competitive online games.

Switch that chat off before you're verbally assaulted for being rubbish, Granddad.

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